Beautiful Albania – 30 Photos of the most beautiful places in Albania

Albania has many beautiful places to see. Here is a list of the 30 most beautiful places and pictures that you can visit in Albania.

1. Thermal Springs of Benja in Permet

The Thermal Springs of Benja are one of the most beautiful locations in Albania.

Near the town of Permet, in the South of Albania, there are several natural hot springs. The water from the hot springs flows into the river. Some of the hot water from the river is diverted into some man-made pools at the bank of the river.

You can swim or soak in one of these stone pools at the bank of the river. Whilst you are soaking in one of the natural hot tubs, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The river that fills the hot pools is a magical light blue colour. Along the river, there are several little waterfalls and you constantly hear the sound of the water rushing by.
Moreover, there is a gorgeous Medieval bridge that crosses the river, which was build during the Ottoman empire.

And the springs, the river & the Ottoman bridge are surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape.

2. The Lin village

The Lin village is a small village at the banks of Lake Ohrid, near the border with North Macedonia.

The Lin village is situated on a small peninsula, that points into Lake Ohrid. The small village is close to the larger lake side town Pogradec. If you plan on visiting Pogradec, it is definitely worth making a stopover in the Lin village.

The Lin village is a quiet fishing village. It is a great example of an authentic Albanian village. If you like travelling off-the-beaten-path and meeting the locals, then you will really enjoy strolling through Lin.

The village has characteristic small houses with beautiful red roofs. Apart from the old town, you can also visit one of the oldest mosaics in Eastern Europe near the village.

3. The Lake Koman Ferry

In the North of Albania, near the town of Shkoder, you can take the Lake Koman Ferry.

From Shkoder city, you must drive for approximately 2 hours to get to Lake Koman. In Koman, you can board the Lake Koman Ferry boat.

The boat journey on Lake Koman is absolutely stunning. The lake is a bit like a long winding river, that turns and twists through the mountain landscape.

The Lake Koman ferry makes a 3-hour journey from the port of Koman to the port of Fierze. During the 3-hour journey, all you see is nature. The lake is surrounded by beautiful mountain cliffs.

Every time, the boat will travel towards a cliff and you think the lake will end, there is a turn in the river and a new landscape is revealed.

The Lake Koman ferry was not intended to be a tourist attaction. It was actually merely aimed at transportation for the locals.

However, the ferry journey was so beautiful that tourists from all over the world came to board the Lake Koman Ferry.

Bradt Guides even descibed the boat trip on Lake Koman as “one of the world greatest boat trips”.

4. The Cape of Rodon

The Cape of Rodon is one of the undiscovered, hidden gems that only the local people know about.

The Cape of Rodon is a rocky peninsula that points into the Adriatic Sea. A narrow strip of land, which is overgrown with wild nature, points into the wild Adriatic sea.

The cape is about a 1.5 hour drive from Tirana and it is an absolutely stunning natural sight. You must park the car, and hike along a hilly trail for about 45 minutes. But it is worth the effort!

At the end of the hiking trail, you stand on the top of a hill, which overlooks the Cape of Rodon. You get a top view of the gorgeous peninsula.

You can hike down the steep hill, to visit the ruins of the castle of Skanderbeg. The castle was built by Albania’s national hero, in an effort to have easy access to the sea.
Of course, there are several coastal and beach locations close to Tirana city.

However, the Cape of Rodon is the most natural, untouched and magical coastal spot near the capital city!

5. The view of Tirana from Mount Dajti

One of the best things to do, when you are staying in Tirana, is making a day trip to Mount Dajti.

Mount Dajti is the closest mountain near the capital city Tirana. From the bottom of the hill, you can take the Dajti Ekspres Cable Car to get to the Dajti Balcony.

The Cable Car journey lasts 15 minutes, and the view from the cable car is absolutely stunning! You fly accross treetops, by mountain cliffs, over little farm houses and you see Tirana city in the distance.

At the end of the cable car trip, you arrive to the Dajti Balcony at a height of 1613 above sea level. From the balcony, you have an amazing view of Tirana city, Durres beach and the Adriatic Sea.

6. The Blue Eye of Theth

The Blue Eye of Theth is one of the most magical places in Albania.

The Blue Eye of Theth is a natural mountain pool. It is located in the Albanian Alps in the North of Albania.

To visit the Blue Eye of Theth, you must take a 4-wheel drive taxi from Shkoder city to the Theth village in the Albanian Alps. The drive will take approximately 3.5 hours.

Once you arrive in the Theth mountain village, you must travel to the Nyderlysa village. You can either take a taxi for approximately 30 minutes or hike to Nyderlysa for about 3 hours. At Nyderlysa, you get on a 1 hour hiking trail through the mountains, which leads to the Blue Eye of Theth.

It journey is worth it though, the Blue Eye of Theth is absolutely stunning. The natural pool is filled with ice-cold mountain water. The water is so clear that you can see every little rock on the bottom of the pool.

The pool is surrounded by beautiful cliffs and greenery. And a little waterfall fills the pool with fresh water.

There is a wooden plateau on the top of the river, where you can enjoy a picnic or a fresh drink, whilst enjoying the beauty around you.

7. Zvernec island in the Narta Lagoon

Zvernec island is one of the most picturesque locations in Albania.

The island of Zvernec is a little island, which is located at a 20 minute drive from Vlore beach. Zvernec is connected to the mainland via a long wooden bridge.

From the coast, you have the most amazing view of the water, the wooden bridge and the island.

You can cross the wooden bridge to visit the little island. On the island, there is a little monastery, which was built during the 13th and 14th century, whilst Albania was a part of the Byzantine empire.

The island is actually very small, it is 430 meters long and 300 meter wide. And most of the island is covered in pine trees.

Zvernec is not a full-day trip experience. However, it is a great 30 minute stopover, which you can make on your way from Vlore to the beaches of the Albanian Riviera in the south!

8. Ksamil beach & Ksamil islands

Ksamil beach is a paradise! There are many beautiful beaches in the Albanian Riviera, but Ksamil beach is the most beautiful beach in Albania, without a doubt.

Therefore, Ksamil beach is called “the pearl of the Albanian Riviera”.

The beach of Ksamil is set on a little peninsula, in the ultimate south of Albania. The beach has perfect white sand. And the water of the Ionian Sea is turqoise blue and crystal clear. And there are little wooden shutters that lead into the sea.

But the highlight of Ksamil beach are the four little islands in the sea. The Ksamil islands are located very close to the coast. You can swim to the nearest island. Or you can rent a kayak or boat to peddle to the further islands.

All the islands are uninhabited and completly overgrown with lush nature. Of the four islands, the twin islands are the most interesting. These two little islands are connected to each other by a narrow strip of land.

Stay until the evening for a beautiful view of the sun going over the little islands!

9. Gjipe Beach

Gjipe beach is one of the most remote beaches in the Albanian Riviera. Because the beach is completely surrounded by high cliffs.

Since the beach itself is more difficult to reach than the other beaches of the Albanian Riviera, it is completely private and isolated!

Whereas most of the beaches of the Albanian Riviera can be reached by car. Getting to Gjipe requires a hike. Take the road from Vuno towards the village of Ilias and follow the signage. The last part of the road is unpaved and rocky. You must walk for about 20 minutes to reach the amazing beach of Gjipe.

Gjipe beach truly is a hidden paradise! Although it is a bit more difficult to reach, it might just be the perfect beach you were looking for.

Make sure you bring some food and drinks with you though, because this hidden beach does not provide any catering.

10. The Grunas Waterfall

The Grunas waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Albania.
The waterfall of Grunas is a 25 meter high waterfall in the Albanian Alps in the North of Albania.

You can hike to the waterfall from the Theth mountain village. It takes about 50 minutes to hike to the waterfall from the center of the Theth village. It is a medium difficulty hiking trip.

At the bottom of the waterfall, there is a natural pool with emeralt green water. It is one of the most beautiful places, I have ever seen.

To visit the waterfall, you must travel to the Albanian Alps. However, if you plan on hiking from the Theth village accross the Valbone Pass to the Valbone village. Make sure you plan an additional night in Theth, so that you can explore the natural wonders of Theth, like the Grunas waterfall and the Blue Eye of Theth.

11. Drymades beach

Drymades beach is on of the most beautiful hidden beaches in the Albanian Riviera.
The beach of Drymades is located to the South of Dhermi beach. However, it is a completely different world.

Dhermi beach is a popular, bustling and vibrant beach. It attracts a young crowd and in the summer months, Dhermi is a hotspot for a young crowd that enjoys partying on the beach.

Drymades is completely different. It is a natural beach with a beautiful rock formation in the middle of the beach.

There is perfect golden sand and the incredible turqoise water, is calm and still. If you want to get away from Dhermi, it is the perfect place to enjoy a natural beach.

And even though, the Guardian ranked Drymades beach as the second most beautiful beach in Europe. And the Lonely Planet calls Drymades: “One of the more attractive beaches in the Albanian Riviera”. It is still quiet in the high season.

So if you find yourself in the Northern part of the Albanian Riviera, then Drymades beach should be on the top of your list!

12. The Mangalem district in Berat city

Berat is by far the most beautiful historical city in Albania. And the historical center of Berat is also a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The old town center of Berat was built on the slope of the hill. If you look upwards from the valley, you will see hundreds of little white houses that were built on the side of the hill.

That is why Berat is also called “the city of a thousand windows”. Because if you stand at the bottom of the hill, it literally feels like all the little windows look down at you.

The historical city center of Berat consists of two historical neighbourhoods: The Mangalem Quarter and the Gorica Quarter. Of the two neighbourhoods, the Mangalem Quarter is the highlight.

You can spend your morning exploring the Berat Castle on the top of the hill. And then take some free time to explore the historical city center by foot.

Insider tip: Go for lunch or dinner in the Gorica Quarter on the other side of the river. Because from the terraces in Gorica, you will have a stunning view of the river, the Mangalem Quarter and the Berat Castle.

13. Mirror beach

Mirror beach is a small beach surrounded by cliffs in the South of Albania.

If you have researched the Albanian Riviera online, you have most definitely come accross Ksamil beach. Because Ksamil is called “the pearl of the Albanian Riviera”. Simply said, Ksamil is a paradise-like beach and without a doubt the most beautiful beach in Albania.

Mirror beach, on the other hand, is much less known. It is a small beach, which is completely surrounded by cliffs.

When you stand on the beach, you will see cliffs on either side and the waves come crashing towards the shore.

The beach is called Mirror beach, because the water of the sea looks like a gigantic mirror, as it reflects the sunlight. Needless to say, it is an absolute blast to watch the sun go down in the evening.

I am not saying that you should not visit Ksamil beach, because you absolutely should! However, if you find yourself in the high season and Ksamil beach is busy on the day you visit. You may want to spend some time at the nearby Mirror beach as well, so that you can enjoy some privacy too!

And Mirror beach gets raving reviews on Tripadvisor, so you do not have to take my word for it, simply read some reviews!

14. The Grand Park in Tirana

The Grand Park in Tirana is one of the most beautiful places in the capital city.
When people ask me about visiting Tirana city, I usually recommend a walking tour through the city center. Because it gives you a lovely overview of the landmarks and the history of Albania.

If you do decide to go for a walking tour of Tirana, I recommend you finish your tour at the Grand Park of Tirana.

There is a large artificial lake in the middle of the park, which gives you a stunning view of the surrounding park lands and neighbourhoods. Walk or go for a run along the water. Or enjoy a lazy cup of coffee, whilst staring accros the water.

Although the Grand Park is not a full-day trip or a destination in itself. It is the perfect ending to a day of exploring the capital city of Albania.

15. Rana e Hedhun beach

Rana e Hedhun is a stunning beach in the North of Albania.

If you arrive at Tirana International Airport, you can either travel to the North of Albania or the South of Albania. The South of Albania is mostly known for the beautiful beaches of the Albanian Riviera. And the North of Albania is popular amongst hikers, who enjoy exploring the Albanian Alps.

However, even if you decide to visit the Albanian Alps, you can still enjoy an afternoon on the beach! There is no need to travel all the way to the South of Albania, in order to enjoy a few hours on the beach.

Rana e Hedhun is a gorgeous beach close to Shkoder city. Most hikers plan a 3-4 day round trip through the Albanian Alps, which starts and ends in Shkoder city. I recommend you plan 1 extra day in Shkoder, to explore the historical city center in the morning and to go to Rana e Hedhun beach in the afternoon.

Rana e Hedhun is also known as “Thrown Sand”. Because the beach is known for its large sand dune. You can climb the hill and slide down the sand dune towards the sea.
Although there are some small restaurants along the shore, the beach still has a “beach village” feeling.

Avoid the nearby Shengjin beach, which has many hotels and resorts along the shore. And visit the beautiful beach instead.

16. Butrint

Butrint is the most beautiful UNESCO Heritage Site in Albania. It is an archaeological park set on the little peninsula.

At Butrint, you can visit the ruins of an ancient city. Throughout history, Butrint was a Greek city, a Roman city, a bishopric, a part of the Venetian empire and a part of the Ottoman empire. As a result, in the park you can see ruins of each period of the cities development.

However, when I write about an archaeological park, sometimes people think it is only of interest to historians and archaeologists. Which is absolutely not true.

Yes, Butrint has stunning ruins. But it is the nature surrounding the ruins that makes this park something special.

The archaeological park is set on a little peninsula, which is overgrown with lush nature. And surrounding the peninsula, there is beautiful water of Lake Butrint and the Vivari channel.

Because of the unique combination of historical ruins and nature, everyone will enjoy a 2-hour visit to Butrint. And it is conveniently located near Ksamil beach, Saranda beach and the Blue Eye of Albania, so you can easily combine it with another destination!

17. The Blue Eye of Albania, near Saranda

The Blue Eye of Albania is a magical spot.

Essentially, the Blue Eye of Albania is a fresh water spring. There is an underwater cave deep underneath the water. And the spring pumps fresh water to the surface of the river with an enourmous force.

The reason why this fresh water spring, became a touristic attraction, is its mesmerizing beauty.

The water of the spring is a bright blue colour. So bright in fact, that you won’t believe it is natural.

Moreover, the spring is called “The Blue Eye”, because it resembles a human eye. The underwater cave is the black pupil of a human eye. And the bright blue water is the iris of a human eye.

A fun fact is that nobody knows exactly, how deep the Blue Eye of Albania is. Numberous divers have tried to reach the bottom of the spring. However, this type of cave diving is extremely dangerous, because the diver has to swim against that enourmous water pressure. The Blue Eye is at least 50 meters deep, but nobody knows how much deeper…

For the adventurous people, you can jump into the spring from a platform at the top. And you will resurface immediately after, because the water pressure will push you up!

18. The springs of Drilon

The springs of Drilon are a beautiful touristic location near Lake Ohrid.

Lake Ohrid is a massive lake on the border of Albania and North Macedonia. On the Albanian side of the lake, you can visit the town of Pogradec, the village of Lin and the springs of Drilon.

The springs of Drilon are the origin of the Drin river, which flows into Lake Ohrid.
This beautiful place is a well-known touristic resort amongst the Albanian people. Along the waterside, there are many decorative threes. And there is a little pond, which crosses to a tiny island.

It is a very pretty and peaceful location. And if you are in the area of Lake Ohrid, it is definitely worth a stopover.

19. Jale beach

Jale beach is my personal favorite beach in the Albanian Riviera. And if the above picture has not convinced you, then I do not know what will…

Jale beach is a small beach in the middle of the Albanian Riviera. If you drive along the coastal road, you will find Jale between Dhermi beach and Himare beach.

The beach itself is a small bay facing the Ionian Sea. Amongst the locals, Jale beach is known as “the beach with the clearest water of the Albanian Riviera”.

On one side of the half-moon shaped bay, there is a little peninsula with a hotel overlooking the beach. This hotel was actually used during the communist regime by the party elite. And it is still functional as a hotel until this day!

Jale is also pupular for its campsides, where you can rent a tent near the beach.

Moreover, if you are in Jale, you can book a sailing, biking, canoe or hiking trip to the nearby Gjipe beach. Since Gjipe is complety surrounded by cliffs, you can peddle your way to this hidden beach, if you start from Jale beach!

20. Porto Palermo and the Castle of Ali Pasha

Porto Palermo is a stunning sightseeing location in the Albanian Riviera.

If you are driving along the coastal road in the Albanian Riviera, you will pass by Porto Palermo. Essentially, Porto Palermo is a large bay in the South of the Riviera. It is not a beach, but rather a “natural harbour”.

In the middle of the Bay of Porto Palermo, you can visit a little peninsula. It is almost an island, but it is connected to the mainland via a narrow strip of land. On the peninsula, you can visit the Castle of Ali Pasha.

The Castle of Ali Pasha is trianglar shaped castle. The highlight is the rooftop deck, which gives you a panoramic view of the entire Bay of Porto Palermo.

Historians are devided over who actually built this triangular shaped castle. Although some Albanian history books say it was built by the Albanian governor “Ali Pasha” during the Ottoman empire. There are others, who believe it was built by the Venetians, since it has the same shape as the Venetian castle at Butrint.

It is of course possible that history was re-written during the communist period, because the Albanian Ali Pasha was a national hero, which fit the nationalistic promotion of the communist dictator.

Regardless of who built this castle, I definitely recommend a quick stop on route to the South of the Albanian Riviera. If only to take a stunning picture from the castle’s rooftop!

21. The stunning view from the Llogara Pass

The Llogara Pass offers one of the most beautiful views in Albania.

The Llogara Pass is a viewpoint on the coastal road along the Albanian Riviera. All the beaches of the Albanian Riviera are located alongside the main coastal road. The coastal road starts at Vlore beach and it leads to Saranda beach in the South of Albania.

The Llogara Pass is the highest point on the coastal road. It has a height of 1043 meters above sea level.

When you drive from Vlore beach to the south, you will drive over the winding road to the Llogara Pass before you reach Dhermi beach.

From the Llogara Pass, you can see Dhermi beach, the Dhermi village and Palase beach. Moreover, you will have a stunning view of the Ionian Sea.

There is a lovely restaurant at the top of the pass, which has floor-to-ceiling windows, from where you can enjoy the view. It is great to plan a coffee break or a lunch at the restaurant on your way the south of Albania.

22. The Venice Art Mask Factory

The Venice Art Mask Factory is by far the most interesting place to visit in Shkoder city.

The Venice Art Mask Factory was started by Edmond Angoni. He is an Albanian man, who worked in Italy for many years, before returing home to Albania to start his studio.

The factory produces handicraft masks for the Venetian carnival. All the masks are hand-made by a series of artists. And they are one-of-a-kind.

The Venice Art Mask Factory has a reputation for producing high quality masks, which are exported and solt in shops all around the world.

Apart from the art studio, there is a mask showroom. In the showroom, you can see a large collection of Venetian masks. And if you like you can buy one of the masks as a souvenir to bring home.

Shkoder as a city is known for its artistic vibe and the Venice Art Mask Factory is one of the highlights.

23. Monastery beach

Monastery beach is one of the best kept secrets in Albania.

Monastery beach is a little beach located between Saranda beach and Ksamil beach. It is a part of the Albanian Riviera, but it is not a well-known beach.

Both Saranda beach and Ksamil beach are incredibly popular beaches. Saranda is the largest coastal city in the Albanian Riviera. Therefore, Saranda is also known as “the capital of the Albanian Riviera”. Ksamil beach is the most beautiful beach in the Albanian Riviera and known as “the pearl of the Albanian Riviera”.

However, both Saranda and Ksamil are busy and they attrack many tourists in the high season. Therefore, if you want to get away from the crowds in the high season, Monastery beach is a great option.

Monastery beach is secluded. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs on both sides. The best part of this beach is the isolation and privacy.

You can hike up the hill to the 14th century monastery of Saint George. From the hill, you have a stunning view of Monastery beach, the Ionian Sea and Lake Butrint.

And you do not have to make up your mind now. Because Monastery beach is conveniently located between Saranda and Ksamil. So if you find either beach too crowded, you can easily drive or take a taxi to the quieter Monastery beach.

24. Petrela village and Petrela Castle

Petrela Castle is a great place to visit for a day-trip from Tirana.

Petrela is a little village located very close to the capital city Tirana. From Tirana’s city center, it will only take you about 25 minutes to drive or take a taxi to Petrela.

Although Tirana and Petrela are close to each other, they are completely different worlds.

When you drive into the Petrela village, you will immediately fall in love with the romantic athmosphere. As you drive along the winding road, you will see Olive groves everywhere.

Along the road, there are little restaurants and mom-and-pop owned hotels.
At the top of the hill, you can visit the Petrela Castle. The castle was built on the top of a large rock.

From the castle, you have the most amazing panoramic view of the valley, the little village and the hills.

The castle used to be a part of the defense of the national hero Skanderbeg. Skanderbeg was a military commander, who defended the Albanians against the invasion of the Ottoman Turks. Skanderbeg himself was based in the nearby Kruje Castle, but his sister Mamica was based in Petrela.

25. The Albanian Alps

If you enjoy visiting rough and untouched nature, then you must definitely visit the Albanian Alps.

The Albanian Alps are also known as the Accursed Mountains. The Alps are a large mountain range in the North of Albania.

The beauty of visiting the Albanian Alps is that they remain remote until this day. This is mainly due to the fact that this region is still relatively difficult to reach.

If you would like to visit the Theth mountain village in the Albanian Alps, you must book a four-wheel-drive taxi in Shkoder city. From Shkoder city, it takes roughly 3.5 hours to get to the Theth village.

Although the first part of the road to Theth has asphalt. The last hour of your journey, you will drive on a stoney dirt track.

However, it remoteness also is the beauty of the Albanian Alps. You can spend the night in an authenic guesthouse. And as you wander through the little villages of the Albanian Alps, it feels as though you are going back in time.

One of the main attractions is a day-hike accross the 1800 meter high Valbone Pass. This part of the mountains is so remote, that the only way to get from the Theth village to the Valbone village is by hiking the trail. There simply is no road connecting the two villages.

26. The view from Lekuresi Castle in Saranda

The Lekuresi Castle is a great place to visit, if you are staying in Saranda.

Saranda is the largest coastal city in the Albanian Riviera. The city’s hotels are built around the large bay.

To get an amazing view of the city of Saranda, you can drive up the steep road to Lekuresi Castle.

From the castle’s walls, you have a stunning panoramic view. On a clear day, you can see the entire city of Saranda, Corfu island, Ksamil beach and Butrint.

The castle was built by the Ottomans Turks in the 16th century, when they ruled over Albania. The main reason for building the castle was the strategic location. From the castle, the Ottomans could control the road to Butrint and protect their empire from attacks from Corfu island.

Although the castle itself is mostly in ruins, it is the view that makes this location worth visiting.

27. Grama Bay

Grama Bay is one of the most gorgeous and unspoiled beaches in the Albanian Riviera.
Grama Bay is a part of the Karaburun Peninsula. Karaburun is a rocky peninsula that points into the sea between Vlore beach and Dhermi beach.

There are several hidden beaches along the peninsula of Karaburun, but Grama Bay is the absolute highlight without a doubt. Therefore, Grama Bay is also known as the “jewel of the Albanian Riviera”.

Grama Bay is a very remote beach. It can be reached by taking a boat from the Dhermi village. The boat trip costs roughly 150 euros, but it can accommodate 6 or 7 people. The only other way is hiking for 6 hours, however, you will need to hike through the remote and hilly terain. And you definitely need a good supply of drinking water.

Grama Bay is also known as “the Bay of Scripts”. Because Grama Bay provides shelter from the rough sea. Throughout history, sailers carmed inscriptions and symbols in the cliffs surrounding the bay, to give thanks to their gods.

Scholars have analyzed the inscriptions in the cliffs and found ancient, medieval Greek and Latin languages.

Visiting the Bay of Grama is absolutely worth it, however, it does require some proper planning to get to this hidden gem.

28. The endless view from Kruje Castle

Kruje Castle is a classic day-trip destination for tourists, who are staying in Tirana. Mostly because it is a beautiful sightseeing location, which is only a 45 minute drive from Tirana.

The Castle of Kruje is located on a hilltop and it has the most amazing view. From the castle, you can see the entire city of Tirana, several other villages, the valley, the mountain landscape, the Adriatic Sea and Durres beach.

Inside the castle, you can also visit the Skanderbeg Museum and the Ethnographic Museum. The Skanderbeg Museum is dedicated to Albania’s national hero Skanderbeg. He was a military commander, who reunited the Albanian tribes in a fight against the invasion of the Ottoman Turks. And in the Etnographic Museum, you get a unique insight in an Albanian family house.

There is also a lovely Bazaar market with handicraft items. And there is a variety of restaurants and coffee houses.

But by far the highlight of visiting Kruje is the endless view.

29. Pirate’s Cave

Close to Dhermi beach, you can get on a speed boat and visit the Pirate’s Cave.

This activity starts from Dhermi beach. You can get on a speedboat from Dhermi to the Pirate’s Cave, which costs 8 euros per person. Or you can buy a combined boat trip to the Pirate’s Cave and Gjipe beach for 2000 Lek (approximately 17 euros).

The Pirate’s Cave is a stunning location. The cave is located underneath the Saint Theodoros Rock. It is a sea cave, which can accommodate one small boat. The ceiling is high and there is a hole in the ceiling through which a little light enters the cave.

It is best to visit in the afternoon, when the sunlight enters the cave through the hole in the roof. Moreover, if the water is warm enough and the weather is pleasant, you can swim inside the cave. It is also an excellent location for diving.

The Pirate’s cave is a beautiful location and based on the reviews on Tripadvisor it is one of the best things to do near Dhermi beach.

30. Driving along the coastal road

The coastal road between Vlore beach and Saranda beach is a stunning route. This is the main road that leads by all of the most beautiful beaches of the Albanian Riviera.

Be sure to plan some extra time, if you are driving along this road. Because from the turning and twisting road, you will have many stunning views of the beaches below.

Moreover, you will certainly want to get off the road to visit the little beaches below.
Apart from beaches, you can also make a stop at the Llogara Pass, which is a high viewpoint. And you can visit the Castle of Ali Pasha, which is located on a little peninsula in the Bay of Porto Palermo.

All the larger beaches, like Dhermi beach, Jale beach, Himare beach and Borsh beach are clearly indicated. However, if you aiming to visit some of the smaller hidden coves, like Gjipe beach, Aquarium Bay or Drymades beach, you will need to bring a route description with you.

And finally, I do want to mention that you must be an experienced and confident driver in order to drive in Albania. Not all the Albanian drivers follow the rules of the road, so you will have to be extra alert to avoid an accident. If you doubt your driving skills in a foreign country in any way, please book a tour or a private driver.


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