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I am a Tour Guide in Albania

I am an Albania Tour Guide, who organizes 1-day, 2-day or multiple day private tours in Albania. I arrange your transportation and I am your English speaking guide. So that, you get to experience the most beautiful places in Albania!

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Private Tour Guide

My name is Manon & I am a private tour guide in Albania.

This is me in the beautiful UNESCO city of Gjirokaster. Gjirokaster has beautiful stone houses that were built during the Ottoman period and an impressive hilltop castle.

Private Tour Guide

This is Jack, my husband, he is a private tour guide in Albania too.

In the picture, Jack is on a private tour of the remote Shala River in North Albania. The Shala River is also known as the “Thailand of Albania”.

Authentic Albanian Culture

During our private tours, we introduce you to the real Albania. We tell you about the Albanian lifestyle and culture & what life is like in Albania.

In the picture, I am standing on top of a bunker left behind from the communist period in Albania.

4 Wheel Drive transportation

We offer 4-wheel drive transportation to Theth in the Albanian Alps.

This is Jack driving through the remote Theth village, surrounded by the Albanian Alps.

Private Transportation

All of our tours are private tours. So if you book a tour with us, the tour will include:

*Private transportation
*Private tour guide
*Entrance fees
*Hotel pick-up & drop-off

Boat Tours in Albania

We also offer boat tours to Lake Koman & the Shala River.

This is a picture of Manon on the Lake Koman Ferry. The Lake Koman Ferry is a highlight. Bradt Travel Guides described it as “one of the World’s Greatest Boat Trips”.

UNESCO Tours in Albania

We offer tours to UNESCO sites and historical cities in Albania.

This is Manon at the Butrint UNESCO park in the South of Albania. The archaeological ruins are surrounded by beautiful nature and a lake. Butrint is a highlight if you are visiting the South of Albania!

Natural Wonders in Albania

We also offer tours to natural wonders in Albania, like the Shala River or the Blue Eye of Albania.

Hidden Gems in Albania

We also offer tours to hidden gems and local highlights that are off-the-beaten-path. Some examples are:

*The Cape of Rodon
*The Shengjergi Waterfall 
*The Petrele village & Preza village

These are our Most Popular Private Tours in Albania

These are the most popular destinations in Albania that we visit regularly throughout the year. Of course, we are always more than happy to customize an itinerary to meet your personal interests! Simply contact us via Email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Berat Full-Day Tour from Tirana

Berat is the most beautiful town in Albania. This UNESCO city is also known as "the city of a thousand windows"!

Kruje & Mount Sarisalltik Full-Day Tour from Tirana

Kruje is one of the most famous cities in Albania, because it was the home of the National Hero Skanderbeg. 

Bunk Art 1 Museum & Cable Car Dajti Mountain

The tour combines the Bunk Art 1 Museum and the Dajti Ekspress Cable Car in one day.

1-day Tour with the Lake Koman Ferry from Tirana

The Lake Koman Ferry is known as "one of the world's greatest boat trips". Enjoy stunning views of Lake Koman.

Are you going to Lake Koman?

Do you prefer the ferry boat on Lake Koman or the small boat to the Shala River? The Lake Koman ferry is known as "one of the World's Greatest Boat Trips". And the Shala River is famous as "the Thailand of Albania". What do you prefer?

1-Day Boat Tour on the Shala River from Tirana

Take a beautiful boat tour on the magical Shala River. The Shala Rivers is also known as "the Thailand of Albania". 

3-Days Albanian Riviera Tour from Tirana, including Ksamil beach

Drive and make stops along the Albanian Riviera, which is one of the most beautiful & untouched coastal lines in Europe!

Ksamil, Saranda, Blue Eye & Butrint 2-Day Tour from Tirana

Visit the highlights in the South of Albania including the Blue Eye of Albania, Saranda city, Butrint UNESCO sight and Ksamil.

1-Day Driving Tour along the Albanian Riviera starting from Tirana and ending in Ksamil

We offer a 1-day road trip along the Albanian Riviera with stops at Zvernec island, Llogara Pass, Dhermi Beach, Himare Beach & Castle of Ali Pasha in the Bay of Porto Palermo. 

1-Day Blue Eye of Theth Hiking and 4 Wheel Drive Tour from Tirana

The Blue Eye of Theth is a gorgeous, natural pool in the Theth National Park.

Are you going to Theth?

I do now offer a 1-day tour to the Blue Eye of Theth! You can be picked-up from either Tirana or Shkoder and visit the stunning Blue Eye of Theth in only 1 day! Or if you like, I also offer a 2-day tour of Theth, during which you will see the Blue Eye of Theth, the Grunas Waterfall & stay overnight in a guest house. What do you prefer?

2 Days Theth Hiking and 4 Wheel Drive Tour from Tirana

Explore the Grunas Waterfall, the Blue Eye of Theth & the authentic mountain village on a two day tour from Tirana.

Apollonia and Berat UNESCO tour from Tirana

Apollonia is a beautiful archaeological park & Berat is a UNESCO city with a beautiful old town centre.

Shkodra Full-Day Tour from Tirana

Shkoder is the culture and artistic city of Albania. Explore Rozafa Castle, the Venetian-style boulevard and much more.

Gjirokaster Full-Day Tour from Tirana


Gjirokaster is a UNESCO city. Stroll through the Old Bazaar Market, visit traditional tower houses & the grand hilltop castle.

Cape of Rodon Full-Day Tour from Tirana

The Cape of Rodon is a stunning rocky peninsula & a spot only the locals know about!

Bovilla Lake & Preza Castle Full Day Tour from Tirana

Hike through the wild beauty of Lake Bovilla & explore the romantic Preza village and castle!

Tirana Walking Tour & Cable Car to Mount Dajti

The tour combines a 3-4 hour walking tour of the city center of Tirana with a visit to the Dajti Express Cable Car. 

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