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I have created this Free Albania Tourist Map, to make your travel planning in Albania easier. The Albania Tourist Map will show you the 78 best places to visit in Albania. You can download the Albania Tourist Map and add it to your phone, so that you can access it easily whilst travelling in Albania. 

Moreover, if you have already got a particular travel destination in Albania in mind, you can see which other touristic highlights are nearby! Overall, this Albania Tourist Map will make it easy to combine the best sightseeing destinations in Albania into one trip!

What is included in the Albania Tourist Map?

If you download the Albania Tourist Map you will get: 

  • An interactive Google Map, which shows the 78 best tourist destinations in Albania. 
  • An explanation for each of the 78 tourist destinations, so that you can evaluate, whether a particular sightseeing destination sparks your interest. 
  • The tourist destinations are devided into Yellow Markers, Blue Markers and Purple Markers. The Yellow markers indicate the best sightseeing locations and historical places. The Blue Markers indicate the best beaches in the area. And the Purple Markers show the best places to visit in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. 
  • You can save the Google Map to your phone for easy use during your holiday in Albania. 

The 78 Best Places to visit in Albania, as shown on the Albania tourist map

On the Albania Tourist Map above, you can see the 78 best places to visit in Albania. On the map you can see:

  • Yellow Markers. The Yellow Markers show the 32 best touristic attractions in Albania. These include historical towns, archaeological parks, beautiful view points and impressive castles in Albania.
  • Blue Markers. The Blue Markers indicate the 24 best beaches in Albania. These include the beaches of the Albanian Riviera in the South of Albania. However, I have also included some lesser known beaches in the middle and North of Albania.
  • Purple Markers. The Purple Markers show the 22 best touristic attractions in Tirana city. These include the classic museums, like the National History Museum. But also new attractions, like the Museum of Secret Surveillance and the Bunk’Art 1 Bunker Museum. Furthermore, it includes landmarks, like the Pyramid of Tirana, the Blloku Area and the Grand Park.

The 32 Best Touristic Attractions in Albania (Yellow Markers)

Here is a list of the 32 best touristic attractions in Albania, download the Albania Tourist Map above to see their location. 

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1. Blue Eye of Theth

The Blue Eye of Theth is a natural pool in the Theth village in the Albanian Alps. The pool has a magical blue color and is surrounded by beautiful nature. From the Theth village, it takes approximately 4 hours to hike to the Blue Eye of Theth.

2. Grunas Waterfall

The Grunas Waterfall is a 30-meters high waterfall in the Theth National Park. From the Theth village, you can hike for approximately 1 hour to get to the waterfall.

3. Lock-in Tower in Theth

The Lock-in Tower is a historical monument in the Theth village. The tower was used to imprison people, who committed a crime according to the old mountain laws, called the “Kanun of Leke Dukagjin”.

4. The Church of Theth

The Church of Theth is a historical church built in 1892 in the Theth village. The church is surrounded by the beautiful peaks of the Albanian Alps.

5. Valbone Pass

The Valbone Pass is the highest peak (1814 meters) on the hiking trail between the Theth village and the Valbone village. The hike across the Valbone Pass is the most popular hiking route in the Albanian Alps.

6. Valbone village

The Valbone village is a small mountain village in the Albanian Alps. Many hikers stay overnight in a guesthouse in Valbone, before starting their early morning hike across the Valbona Pass.

7. Lake Koman ferry – Koman ferry terminal

The Lake Koman ferry is “one of the world’s best boat trips” according to Bradt Guides. You can board the ferry in Koman or Fierze. The boat trip lasts 3 hours and passes through a beautiful scenery.

8. Lake Koman ferry – Fierza ferry terminal

The Lake Koman ferry is “one of the world’s best boat trips” according to Bradt Guides. You can board the ferry in Koman or Fierze. The boat trip lasts 3 hours and passes through a beautiful scenery.

9. Rozafa castle

Rozafa castle is a large castle on the top of a hill near Shkoder city. The castle has an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding area. Moreover, the castle has an interesting legend about a woman called Rozafa, who was sacrificed while the castle was constructed.

10. Mesi Bridge

The Mesi Bridge is a historical bridge about 5 kilometers to the northeast of Shkoder city. The bridge was built around 1770 by the local Ottoman governor. You can climb on the historical bridge and take pretty pictures.

11. Shkodra boulevard

The boulevard of Shkodra is a historical street in the centre of the city. The street has beautiful Venetian style houses and lovely terraces.

12. Marubi National Museum of Photography

The Marubi Museum of Photography is a photo collection of 150.000 photos made by three generations of photographers. The photos show the history of North Albania, pictures of tribal leaders and public events in Albania.

13. Preza castle

In the Preza village, you can see the ruins of a medieval castle built on the top of the hill. The castle has an amazing panoramic view of Tirana, Kruja and the surrounding hills. Preza castle is only 45 minutes by car from Tirana’s city centre.

14. Petrela castle

Petrela castle is a lovely fortress built on the top of a hill about 45 minutes from Tirana’s city centre. The castle has a lovely view of the surrounding area and a coffee house within the castle walls.

15. Tirana International airport

Tirana International airport is the only airport in Albania. The airport is located between the coastal city Durres (40 min) and the capital city Tirana (30 min).

16. Durres Amphitheater

The Amphitheater in Durres is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was built by the Romans after the 2nd century B.C. and re-discovered in 1966. You can see the arena, which could seat 15000 – 20000 spectators for a show.

17. Tirana

Tirana is the capital city of Albania. The center of the city is at Skanderbeg Square, where you can see the National history Museum, the Et’hem bey mosque, the Clock tower, the Skanderbeg statue and the Palace of Culture.

18. Pellumbas cave

From Tirana, you can drive for about 45 minutes to the Pellumbas village. From the village, there is a 2 kilometer hiking trail, that leads to the Black Cave of Pellumbas. The trail offers amazing views of the valley.

19. Castle of Kruja

Kruja is a hillside village about 45 minutes from Tirana’s city centre. You can visit the Castle of Kruja which was built by Albania’s national hero Skanderbeg. The castle has an amazing panoramic view and there is a lovely bazaar market on the road to the castle.

20. Fortress of Bashtove

The Fortress of Bashtove is a large rectangular castle to the south of Durres. You can climb on the 9 meter high walls of the castle and look around. The castle is on the tentative list for UNESCO heritage nomination, however, currently on a few tourists know about this sight.

21. Berat Castle

Berat Castle is a large fortress on the top of a hill in the city Berat. The castle was build in the 4th century B.C. and until this day people live inside the castle walls. From inside the castle walls, you have amazing views in all directions.

22. Berat City

Berat city has beautiful historical houses, which were build on the side of the hill. You can walk through the old Mangalem Quarter with cobble stone streets and traditional white houses. The old town of Berat is a UNESCO World heritage site.

23. Apollonia Archaeological Park

Apollonia is an archaeological park, where you can see the ruins of an ancient Greek city founded in 588 BC. During Roman rule, it became an important cultural center with a famous school of philosophy. Apollonia is close to the city Fier.

24. Llogara Pass

The Llogara Pass is the highest point (1027 meters) on the coastal road along the Albanian Riviera. From the Pass, you have an amazing view of the Ionian Sea, Palase beach and Dhermi beach below. You can stop for a coffee or a lunch at the cafe and enjoy the view.

25. Ali Pasha Fortress

The Ali Pasha Fortress was built on a little peninsula in the middle of the Porto Palermo bay in the Albanian Riviera. Many guidebooks say it was built by the governor Ali Pasha, however, actually the Venetians built the castle. You can climb on the roof of the castle, which offers an amazing view of the Bay of Porto Palermo and the Ionian Sea.

26. The Blue Eye

The Blue Eye of Albania is a natural fresh water spring. The spring has a magical bright blue color and resembles a human eye. Because of its beauty, the Blue Eye spring has become a tourist attraction.

27. Gjirokastra

Gjirokastra is a historical city on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The city has beautiful traditional houses in the Ottoman style. You can climb up the hill to the Gjirokaster Castle, visit the Bazaar market or see the inside of an old Albanian family home.

28. Butrint

Butrint is the most impressive UNESCO Heritage site in Albania. Throughout history, Butrint was a Greek city, a Roman city and a Biscopic. The ruins of the archaeological park are in a beautiful setting, surrounded by nature and water.

29. Benja Thermal pools and bridge

In Benja, there are natural hot springs. The water from the hot springs gets diverted into several man-made pools. You can soak in the thermal pools, which allegedly have healing properties. Above the pools, there is a beautiful medieval bridge, which was built during the Ottoman empire.

30. Korce

Korce is a city in the south-east of Albania, mostly known as a cultural and intellectual centre. In Korce, you can visit the rebuilt Orthodox cathedral, the museum of Medieval Art and the first school of Albanian language, which is now the Educational museum. You can also visit the Korca beer brewery.

31. Pogradec

Pogradec is a lake-town on the shores of Lake Ohrid. The Lake is located on the border of Albania and Macedonia and it is protected under UNESCO heritage. Pogradec is a lovely summer destination, with many restaurants along the shore. The traditional dish to eat is the baked speckled trout (in Albanian: Koran fish).

32. Springs of Drilon

Just 5 kilometers to the south of Pogradec, you can visit the Springs of Drilon. The water flows from the springs, into the Drin river, which leads to Lake Ohrid. The springs of Drilon is a tourist resort with calming water, decorative trees, plans, strolling paths and lovely bridges.

The 24 Best Beaches in Albania (Blue Markers)

Here is a list of the 24 best beaches in Albania, download the Albania Tourist Map above to see their location.

1. Shengjin beach

Shengjin beach is a large coastal city in the North of Albania. When you visit Shengjin, you can expect numerous hotels, apartment complexes and bars. At this beach you have a choice of restaurants, varying from Albanian, to seafood and to Italian cuisine. If you prefer quieter beach, you can drive onwards to Rana e Hedhun beach.

2. Rana e Hedhun beach

Rana e Hedhun is the best beach in the North of Albania. The beach has a large sand dune, which runs from the mountain into the sea. You can climb the massive sand dune and slide down towards the sea. Rana e Hedhun has a beautiful sandy coastline with little restaurants along the water.

3. Cape of Rodon

The Cape of Rodon is a stunning place for sightseeing close to Tirana. The cape is a rocky peninsula, that points into the sea. Around the peninsula, the waves crash into the cape. There is a beautiful little castle and lush green nature. It is a gorgeous sight to see when the sun goes down.

4. Bay of Lalzi

If you are looking for a beautiful beach close to Tirana, then the Bay of Lalzi is perfect for you. Lalzit beach is a quiet and uncrowded beach. The beach is surrounded by pine trees and mountains that run into the sea. The beauty of the bay of Lalzit is that it is so natural, there are only two little cabin restaurants at the beach.

5. Durres beach

The beach of Durres is one of the most famous beaches in the North of Albania. At this beach, you can expect full facilities. Along the coast, you will find numerous hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings and bars. If you enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and you like going to a party on the beach, then you will enjoy visiting Durres.

6. General’s beach

The general’s beach or Generali beach is a small stretch of beach just north of Spille. This beach is nice, clean and it has clear water. There is a small promenade and a few restaurants, but mostly this is a quiet beach away from the crowds. It is perfect for a family weekend or a day-trip from Tirana.

7. Spille beach

At Spille, you will find a perfect white sand beach, that is 6 kilometres long. Therefore, there is plenty of space for the visitors to spread out. As a result, Spille beach is popular amongst families with young children. Moreover, the waves are very calm at Spille beach.

8. Vlore beach

Vlore is a large coastal city with many restaurants, hotels and cafes along the sea. The Albanian Riviera starts at Vlore. In Vlore, you can take the coastal road to the south, which leads by all the other beaches of the riviera. Vlore is a vibrant place and it has all the facilities. It is also a convenient 3 hours to the south from Tirana.

9. Zvernec island in the Narta Lagoon

Zvernec island is a little island close to Vlore. The small island is connected to the main land by a wooden foot bridge. The island is small only 400 metres by 300 metres in size. The majority of the island is covered in pine trees, but there is a little monastery on the island, that you can visit. It is a very picturesque location.

10. Grama bay

Just to the south of Vlore city, there is a large peninsula, called the Karaburun Peninsula. Along the peninsula, there are several hidden beaches, which can only be reached by boat. You can take a boat from Vlore beach or Dhermi beach, and visit some of the most private beaches in the country. Grama Bay is the highlight of the Karaburun beaches.

11. Palase beach

If you drive from Vlore to the south, you will drive over the Llogara Pass. Palase beach is the first beach after the Llogara Pass. It is a perfect beach for families, since it is very sandy and it has shallow water. There are only a handful of restaurants and bars at this underdeveloped beach.

12. Dhermi beach

Dhermi beach is one of the most famous beaches in the Albanian Riviera. Dhermi is a lovely little village with hillside houses and a long stretch of beach. During the summer months, it attracts young people and it has a vibrant atmosphere. There are concerts and festivals at this beach in the high-season.

13. Drymades beach

If you walk along Dhermi beach, you will get to Drymades beach. Drymades is one of the hidden gem beaches in Albania. And it comes highly recommended by the Lonely Planet travel guide.

14. Gjipe beach

Gjipe beach is a hidden beach, because it is completely enclosed by cliffs. It can only be reached by boat from Jale beach or by hiking across the cliff for 35 minutes. It is worth the effort though, because Gjipe beach is perfect! It has white sand, turquoise blue water, stunning cliffs and undisturbed nature.

15. Jala beach

Jale beach is a little beach village in the middle of the Albanian Riviera. The beach of Jale is known for its incredibly clear water. Jale is for people, who like a relaxed atmosphere and a pretty beach. For the real insiders, you can walk to the secret Aquarium Bay, which only the locals know about.

16. Himare beach

Himare is a larger village in the middle of the Albanian Riviera. If you are looking for a good place to stay, but don’t want to stay in a big city, then Himare is for you. There is a traditional village on the hillside, from where you can look down onto the beach and sea. There are several nice beaches surrounding the village.

17. Bay of Porto Palermo

The Bay of Porto Palermo is a well-known spot for sightseeing. It is a large deep blue bay with a little peninsula in the middle of the water. On the peninsula, you can visit the Castle of Ali Pasha. The castle is very dark inside, but you can climb on the roof for a fantastic view across the Bay.

18. Borsh beach

Borsh beach is the longest beach in the Albanian Riviera. The coastline is 7 kilometres long, so it is perfect for a walk along the beach. Even though it is a beautiful place, surrounded by peaks and olive groves, it is usually quiet. In fact, it is one of the least visited beaches in the Albanian Riviera.

19. Saranda beach

Saranda is often called “the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera”. It is a massive coastal city, with many restaurants, bars, clubs and coffee houses. In the evening, the entire city lights up. Saranda is all the way in the south of Albania and close to the Greek border. It is a convenient place to stay, to visit Butrint, Ksamil, Gjirokaster and the Blue Eye spring.

20. Monastery beach

Monastery beach is a little beach between Saranda and Ksamil beach. The beach is named after the little monastery on the top of the mountain. It is a beautiful small beach surrounded by cliffs. And the perfect place to avoid any other people in the busy summer months.

21. Mirror beach

Mirror beach is a small beach, close to Ksamil beach. Mirror beach is one of the prettiest little beaches in Albania. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs. And the waves come crashing towards the coast. When the sun reflects on the water, it looks like a massive mirror.

22. Pulebardha beach

Pulebardha beach is a tiny beach between Saranda and Ksamil. The water is bright blue and incredibly clear. It is a great option, if you are trying to get away from any other tourists in Saranda or Ksamil beach. There is only one little restaurant on site.

23. Ksamil beach

Albanian people describe Ksamil beach as “the pearl of the Albanian Riviera”. That is because Ksamil beach is the most beautiful beach in Albania. Ksamil beach is a paradise-like beach. The beach is set on a little peninsula with perfect white sand. The water is a bright green colour and the clearest water you have ever seen.

24. Ksamil islands

At Ksamil beach, there are four little islands across the water. The most famous are the twin islands, which are connected to each other by a narrow strip of land. If you have always wanted to visit an uninhibited island, this is your chance. From the beach, you can swim to the nearest island. Or you can rent a boat or kayak to visit the islands, which are further away.

The 22 Best Places to visit in Tirana (Purple Markers)

Here is a list of the 22 best places to visit in Tirana, download the Albania Tourist Map above to see their location.

1. Skanderbeg Square

Skanderbeg Square is the main square in the center of Tirana. The square has a statue of the Skanderbeg, who is Albania’s national hero, who led the defence against the Ottoman-Turks. The National History Museum, the Et’hem Bej Mosque, the Palace of Culture, the National Bank and the Clock Tower are on Skanderbeg Square.

2. National History Museum

The National History Museum displays Albania’s archaeological treasures from Illyrian times until today. The collection includes statues from the Greek and Roman period, as well as a replica of Skanderbeg’s sword. There is also a gallery about the prosecutions during the communist regime.

3. Et’hem Bej Mosque

The Et’hem Bej Mosque is a little mosque on Skanderbeg Square in the center of Tirana. The Mosque was constructed between 1790 – 1820, but closed during the communist period. In 1991, the mosque was re-opened without government permission and 10.000 people attended the reopening. The mosque has beautiful frescoes of trees, waterfalls and bridges.

4. Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is a 35-meter-high tower next to Skanderbeg Square. The tower was built in 1822 during the Ottoman empire. You can climb the tower and have a fantastic view of Skanderbeg Square and the city center.

5. Bunk Art 2 Museum

Bunk Art 2 is a museum in a large underground-bunker in the center of Tirana (the main Bunk Art 1 is a bit further away from the center). Inside the bunker, you will be guided through the role of the police and security services during the communist period in Albania. It is a fascinating museum about the disturbing communist regime.

6. House of Leaves: Museum of Secret Surveillance

House of Leaves is a villa, which was the headquarters of the Albania’s secret service Sigurimi during the communist area. Now, the former HQ has been converted into a museum which displays the bugs, monitoring equipment and wiretapping telephones. The museum gives you a fascinating insight into Albania’s secret service during the communist regime.

7. Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral

The Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral is a massive church, which was constructed in 2012. The cathedral is close to Skanderbeg Square. The building also has a 46 metre high bell tower, a little museum and several chapels.

8. New Bazaar Market

The New Bazaar Market (in Albanian: Pazari i Ri) is a lovely food market, close to the center of Tirana. On the market, you can buy local products, like fruits, honey, handicrafts and homemade food. There are many lovely terraces surrounding the market, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the sunshine.

9. Toptani Shopping Center

The Toptani shopping center is a mall in the city center of Tirana. The highlight is the top floor, where there is a selection of coffee houses and restaurants with panoramic views across the city.

10. Tanners’ Bridge

Tanners’s bridge is a beautiful stone bridge from the Ottoman period. The bridge was built in the 19th century and it is well-preserved. You can walk accross the old bridge and look down at the river below.

11. Murat Toptani Street

The Murat Toptani Street is a lovely pedestrian street with beautiful plane trees and many terraces. Along the street, there is a 6 metre high wall of the Fortress of Justinian. The Murat Toptani Street leads to the “Boulevard of the Martyrs of the Nation ” with all the Parliament Buildings.

12. Boulevard of the Martyrs of the Nation

The “Boulevard of the Martyrs of the Nation” is a wide street with many Parliament buildings. Along the street, you can see the Pyramid of Tirana, the National Archaeological Museum, the Presidential Palace and the National Art Gallery. The boulevard was designed by the Italian architect Gherardo Bosio.

13. National Arts Gallery

The National Arts Gallery shows Albanian paintings from the early 19th century until today. The Albanian Art is unique, because during the communist regime, the government censured the art. Artists needed to create art, that idealised the communist dictator Enver Hoxha. Moreover, some of the “inappropriate” art, is also shown, for which the artists went to prison.

14. Pyramid of Tirana

The Pyramid of Tirana is a very controversial building for Tirana. The building was originally designed as a museum about the former dictator Enver Hoxha. However, after the fall of the communism, it served several purposes like convention centre and television station. There is a lot of discussion in Albanian about the refurbishment, repurposing or demolishing of the controversial pyramid.

15. Presidential Office

The Presidential Office is at the end of the “Boulevard of the Martyrs of the Nation” street. The building is the official workplace of the president and it houses all the staff of the president.

16. National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum displays the Albanian treasures, that were found during archaeological digs. The museum opened after the Second World War. It displays pieces from the pre-history until the Middle Ages. The museum is at the end of the “Boulevard of the Martyrs of the Nation” street.

17. Grand Park of Tirana

The Grand Park of Tirana is the central park in the city. The park has a large lake with beautiful paths and running tracks by the lake front. There are numerous playgrounds for children. And lovely coffee houses with a lake view.

18. Blloku Area

The Blloku Area is the coolest and most vibrant area in Tirana. In the past, the area was used by the communist government and closed off to the general public. Nowadays, it is an area with many restaurants, clubs and coffee houses. If you want to go out at night, you will enjoy Blloku.

19. Enver Hoxha’s Former Residence

The three-story villa of the former communist dictator Enver Hoxha is in the middle of the Blloku Area. The villa is left just as when the dictator died in 1985. In the past the whole Blloku area was sealed off from the public and only accessible for party elite and their families. Enver Hoxha’s residence is visible from the street, but closed off for the public.

20. Mosaic of Tirana

The Tirana Mosaic is an archaeological site in Tirana. The mosaic was a part of a 3rd century Roman house. In the 5th and 6th centuries, a Paleo-Christian Basilica was built around the site. The mosaic was re-discovered in 1972 and it is open to the public since 2010. The site is about 20 minutes from the city center.

21. Bunk Art 1 Museum

Bunk Art 1 is the best and most innovative museum in Tirana. The museum is set inside a massive communist bunker. Inside the bunker, you are explained about Albania’s communist history. It is a very impressive museum, and a little scary. If you are only going to visit one museum in Tirana, then you should choose Bunk Art 1.

22. Dajti Ekspres Cable Car

About 20 minutes from the city centre of Tirana, you can take the Dajti Ekspres Cable Car. The Cable Car takes you up the Dajti Mountain. The cable car journey takes you across tree tops, mountain houses and stunning nature. Once you arrive at the top of the cliff, you have an amazing view of Tirana and the Adriatic Sea.

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