Is Albania expensive to visit?

Upon return of my visit to Albania, many of my friends and relatives have asked if it is expensive to visit Albania. For many people, Albania is still “unknown” as a travel destination. However, I absolutely love visiting Albania, so I decided to write a blog post about the cost of travelling to Albania.

Is Albania expensive to visit? Albania is not expensive to visit. Compared to other European countries, Albania is a cheap holiday destination. The average daily travel costs are €42 per person per day. A double room in a hotel costs only €25-€40. A cheap meal is €2-4 or a local restaurant costs €4-€10. A museum ticket is €1-€4.

Albania is a hidden gem in Europe. It has beautiful beaches and impressive mountains, and it is very affordable. So, you can travel to Albania on a budget, without feeling you missed out on anything.

Let’s calculate how much money you need for your trip to Albania. So that you can relax and enjoy your holiday in Albania, without having to worry about the money.

How much does it cost to travel to Albania?

On average, it costs €42.00 per person per day to travel in Albania. This number was calculated by “Budget Your Trip”, which is a travel website where people can enter their actual travel costs.

Average Travel costs per day = €42.00 per person

Even though, the €42.00 per day is an average. It gives you a good idea, that travel in Albania is very affordable. In many European countries, you spend €42.00 per day on accommodation alone. Due to the low costs, one week of travel in Albania costs €293.00 per person on average.

Average accommodation cost per day = €16.00 per person
Average accommodation cost per day = €32.00 for a double occupancy room

Accommodation in Albania is cheap. The average cost of accommodation is €16.00 per person per day. For a double occupancy room, the price is €32.00 on average. These amounts are the average of what former travelers spend in Albania, calculated by Budget Your Trip.

Dorm bed per day = €10 – €15
Budget hotel room = €25 – €40
Midrange hotel room = €40 – €60
Luxury hotel room = €80 or more

The Lonely Planet travel guide also calculated the average for accommodation in Albania. According to Lonely Planet, a dorm bed costs only €10 – €15 per person per day.

However, it is often not worth staying in a dorm bed, because budget hotels are very affordable in Albania. A double room in a budget hotel is between €25 – €40 per day. Mid-range hotel rooms are between €40 – €60 per day. And top end hotel rooms are €80 or more.

Bear in mind that the vast majority of hotels in Albania are in the budget or mid-range. Only in the larger cities, there are some high end hotels.

Meals for one day = €13.00 per person

On average, former travelers spend €13.00 on meals for one day per person. This might seem very low, but food and drinks is very affordable in Albania. Bakeries, for instance, will sell you a whole bag full of bread and pastries for only €1 – €2. Be sure to try the Byrek pastry, which is the national dish.

Cheap meal = €2 – €4
Lunch or dinner in a local restaurant = €4 – €10
Dinner in a leading Tirana restaurant = €15 – €30

The Lonely Planet calculated the average prices for a meal in Albania. A cheap meal in a cafe will only cost you €2 – €4. And lunch or dinner in a local restaurant is only €4 – €10 per person.

Food in a local restaurant in Albania is very enjoyable. The food is similar to Greek food, Turkish food and Italian food. There are many places that make Greek salads, BBQ meats and Gyros. Moreover, everywhere in Albania you can see Italian style restaurants, shops and supermarkets. And desserts are often baklava and Turkish coffee.

Intercity furgon / minibus = €2 – €7
Short taxi ride = €5 – €10

Transportation is very affordable in Albania. The cheapest way to travel around the country is with the Furgon. Furgon is the Albanian word for a minibus. According to the Lonely Planet, it will cost you between €2 – €7 for a minibus trip, depending on your destination.

Because there are no effective train connections, the minibus is the most popular way to travel between cities in Albania.

Travelling by furgon is an authentic Albanian experience. The minibuses are very informal. The bus drivers will stop along the way to greet friends, to take a coffee break and to let people off the bus close to their house. You have to be patient and relaxed, but it is a very affordable way to travel.

The Lonely Planet calculated a short taxi ride between €5 – €10. If you are staying in Saranda for instance, you can take a taxi ride to a nearby beach, like Ksamil beach. A 10-minute taxi ride to Ksamil will cost you €10.

Car rental per day = €20 – €50

The most expensive way to travel through Albania is with a rental car. A rental car will cost you between €20 – €50 per day. It is very convenient to rent a car in Albania. Because you can easily make a round trip through the country, without having to search for the local buses.

If you plan on renting a car, you do need to decide beforehand. Because car will significantly increase your daily travel budget.

Moreover, if you plan on driving to remote areas and on mountain roads, you will need a four wheel drive car. The roads along the Albanian Riviera, Vlore, Saranda, Tirana, Berat, Shkodra and Durres are in a good condition.
But some of the remote areas, like Valbona and Theth, in the mountains do require a four wheel drive car. Renting a four wheel drive car is more expensive and usually starts from €30 – €35 per day.

Admission to a museum = €1 – €4

According to the Lonely Planet, a ticket for a museum will cost between €1 – €4 per person. Actually, my experience is that entrance tickets are very cheap in Albania, especially compared to other European countries.

Bunk Art museum = €4
National history museum in Tirana = €1,60
Butrint UNESCO = €5,50

Butrint is the most attractive UNESCO heritage site in Albania. An entrance ticket will only cost you 700 Leke, which is €5,50. Which is very cheap, because in other European countries an entrance ticket to a UNESCO sight will easily cost you €25.00.

Is Albania expensive, compared to other countries in the Balkans?

Albania is cheaper than the other countries in the Balkans. Budget Your Trip calculated the average travel cost per person per day, based on the money former travelers spend. And visiting Albania is less expensive, than visiting Montenegro, Croatia, Greece or Macedonia.

Average Travel costs (per person per day)
Albania = €42.00
Montenegro = €59.00
Croatia = €69.00
Macedonia = €73.00
Greece = €110.00

In Albania, you will spend less money on a holiday. In Albania, on average travelers spend €42.00 per person per day. Whereas, in Montenegro former travelers spend €59.00 per person per day. And Greece for instance is much more expensive with an average travel cost of €110.00 per person per day.

The reason why Albania is less expensive, is because it is off-the-beaten-path. Whereas Greece has an established reputation for beach and island holidays, Albania is still relatively unknown.

It is unbelievable, to think that Croatia, Montenegro and Greece are along the same coastline, but Albania is still unfamiliar for most people. Albania has a stunning coastline along the Ionian Sea, and close to the Greek border. You can basically have the same Greek coastline, but spend less money for accommodation and food in Albania.

The main reason why Albania is so undiscovered, is its recent history. Until 1992, Albania was completely isolated from the rest of the world. Albania was ruled by a communist dictator, who build a wall around the country. That communism ended in 1992 and Albania has been democratic since.

Throughout the last 25 years, Albania has worked hard on becoming democratic and more western. They are also applying for membership of the European Union. And tourism has been growing steadily.

The fact that Albania is off-the-beaten-path is one of its perks. Because Albania has beautiful virgin beaches, that nobody knows about.

How much money to take to Albania?

You could take around €50.00 per day to Albania for your holiday. This €50.00 per day will cover accommodation, meals and transportation. These amounts are based on averages from Lonely Planet and the Budget Your Trip website.

Daily travel budget of €50.00 per day:
1. Accommodation is a budget hotel room = €25 – €40 per night
2. Meals in local restaurant, cafe, bakery = €13 per person for one day
3. Transportation by furgon minibus and short taxi rides = €2 – €10 per day

If you are travelling on a budget, you do not have to worry about accommodation. Because finding affordable accommodation is easy. Within the €25 – €40 per night price range, will give you plenty of hotels to choose from.

Similarly, it is easy to save money on food and drinks in Albania. You will be astonished to see how cheap the local bakeries, little supermarkets and local restaurants are.

However, if you plan on renting a car in Albania, you must add some money to the travel budget. Car rentals are expensive and usually cost between €20 – €50 per day. There are car rental offices of Avis, Europcar, Eurocar and Hertz at Tirana International Airport. You can inquire about their pricing online, before you travel to Albania.

****Insider Tip***
Bring some cash money with you for your trip to Albania. Because currency exchange is cheaper than withdrawing cash from the ATM machine. More details below.

Can you use credit cards in Albania?

You can use credit cards in Albania at luxury hotels, fancy restaurants and at big supermarkets. However, most Albanian people pay for their expenses in cash. In many local restaurants, little supermarkets and at local markets, you can only pay by cash.

Lonely Planet: “Acceptance of credit cards is normally confined to upper-end hotels, restaurants and shops, although every year their usage becomes more widespread.”

Therefore, it is best to carry some cash for your holiday in Albania. Because during your holiday, you don’t want to miss out on some of the local experiences. Let me give you some examples of places, where you can only pay in cash.

Places in Albania, where you can only pay in cash:

1. Byrektore
Byrek is the national pastry in Albania. For sure, you will want to try this local pastry during your holiday, and this can only be paid in cash.

2. Buying bottled water
During you holiday, it is safest to only drink bottled mineral water. So, guaranteed you will want to buy a bottle of water at a local shop, while you are walking around.

3. Castle entrance ticket
Some of the smaller castles, like the Castle of Porto Palermo, only accept cash payment for the entrance ticket.

4. Touristic attractions
Some of the touristic attractions, like Kepi Rodonit or the clock tower, only accept cash of entrance fee. Definitely, you don’t want to travel to the attraction, and then not have cash to pay the entrance fee.

5. Local restaurants
The Albanian cuisine is lovely. There are grilled meats, Greek salads, Italian pasta, white cheese and fresh breads. Surely, you will want to try some fresh food on one of the terraces. But local restaurants almost exclusively accept cash.

6. Coffee houses
Albanian people really enjoy going for a coffee, often several times a day. And you will see multiple coffee houses on every street. Some of them serve the traditional Turkish style coffee. Local coffee houses only accept cash most of the time.

Are there ATMs in Albania?

There are ATMs in Albania in the cities, but not in the more remote areas and mountain villages.

For instance, if you are going on a hiking tour in the North of Albania. You must withdraw money from the ATM machine in the city Shkodra. Because once you travel to the mountain villages, like Theth or Valbona, you can only pay in cash.

In the Albanian Riviera, you can expect ATM machines in the bigger cities, like Vlore and Saranda. However, if you are travelling to a virgin beach, like Monastery beach or Mirror beach. Then you will only be able to pay cash as the local restaurant on the beach. Even if you bring your food along for the trip, still bring some cash to buy bottled water.

There are ATM machines at Tirana International airport as well. You can withdraw cash in the arrivals hall. But it is smart to bring some cash euros with you, because you can pay the airport bus and airport taxi in euros.

Cash withdrawal from ATMs in Albania is expensive

Withdrawing cash from an ATM machine in Albania, is quite expensive for foreigners. The ATM machine might charge you €4 – €5, if you withdraw €100.

The reason is that Albanian is not a part of the European Union. Within the European Union, banks are forced to disclose their withdrawal fees and exchange rates. Because there are transparency rules and laws in the European Union.

However, Albania is not a part of the European Union, so banks do not have to disclose their fees. If you withdraw money with a foreign card, there is also a currency exchange involved. Some of the banks might charge you €4 – €5, if you withdraw €100.

These charges for the ATM transaction are often “hidden fees”. Because the machine won’t disclose its fees before you do the withdrawal. Therefore, you won’t know about the fees until checking your bank account afterwards. Not all ATM machines charge high fees, but you won’t know until you try.

***Insider Tip***
If you want to save money, bring some cash euros, pounds or US dollars on your trip to Albania. Because currency exchange is much cheaper, than withdrawing cash from an ATM machine.

Currency exchange costs less than 1% at currency exchange offices in Albania. Whereas, withdrawing from an ATM can cost you €4 – €5, if you withdraw €100.

What is the currency in Albania?

The currency in Albania is the Lek. Albanian Lek is only used in Albania. But many of the touristic cities and hotels, you can pay in euros as well. However, you will get a better deal, if you pay for items with the Albanian lek.

1 euro = 124 Leke
1 pound = 140 leke
1 us dollar = 110 leke

You will feel rich in Albania, because 1 euro is worth 124 leke. So you will find yourself paying 200 leke for 1 cup of coffee.

There are Albanian bank notes of 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 leke. Although, there are some small coins, the value of these is very little.

Because Albanian Lek can only be used within Albania, it is best to exchange small amounts at the time. Before you go home, you will want to spend all your remaining currency. If you bring the Albanian lek home with you, you won’t be able to exchange it anywhere.

Where can you buy Albanian lek?

You can only buy Albanian Lek in Albania. It is not possible to buy or sell the Albanian currency abroad.

Albanian people pay for everything in cash. Many local restaurants and local shops only accept cash money. Therefore, it is best to carry some Albanian lek in cash with you, for your travel in Albania.

The cheapest way to get Albanian lek, is through currency exchange. Currency exchange is very cheap in Albania. At the currency exchange agencies in Albania, you can exchange for a margin less than 1%.

Withdrawing money from an ATM machine can cost you €4 – €5, if you withdraw €100. Therefore, exchanging cash money is cheaper, as they only charge you a 1% margin.

Currency exchange is very popular in Albania. Because many Albanians have family members, who work abroad. Albanian people regularly receive foreign currency transfers. It is very common for Albanians to carry cash euros, pounds or us dollars. Which they exchange at the currency exchange agency.

In Albania, there are currency exchange agencies on every high street in the cities. Don’t make the mistake to exchange your foreign cash at the bank, because they will charge you 7% for a margin. Whereas currency exchange agencies will charge you less than 1% as a margin.

It is best to exchange small amounts of money into Albanian Lek. And then make sure you use all your Albanian lek, before you go home. Because you cannot exchange Albanian lek, in your home country.

Can you use euros in Albania?

The Albanian currency is the Lek, but euros are widely accepted. You can use euros in Albania to pay for:

1. The airport taxi
2. Car rentals
3. Most hotels
4. Travel agencies
5. Tours

The best currency to bring to Albania is cash euros. Once you arrive at the airport, you can pay for your car rental or taxi with euros. Then, at your hotel you can settle the bill in euros as well. Most hotels quote their price in euros. For hotels, you can choose to pay for the hotel in either euros or with Albanian lek.

After getting to your hotel, search for a currency exchange agency close to the hotel. It is better to avoid exchanging money at the airport, because it is more expensive. Instead exchange currency, once you have gotten to your hotel.

Lonely Planet: “The lek is the official currency of Albania, though the euro is widely accepted; you’ll get a better deal for things in general if you use lek.”

Although, you might be able to pay some of your travel expenses in euros, it is still smart to exchange some Albanian lek. Because you will be charged less, if you pay in Albanian Lek. In Euros, the prices tend to be rounded up.

If you do not have cash euros, then the other good currencies to bring are pounds or us dollars. Because these currencies are easy to exchange everywhere in Albania.

Is bargaining for lower prices normal in Albania?

In Albania, bargaining for a lower price only happens on the street markets, in souvenir shops and for taxi rides. In any other shops, you should not bargain for a lower price.

Lonely Planet: “It’s perfectly acceptable to haggle at markets and at shops selling souvenirs. Elsewhere it’s not common. For long-distance taxi rides, haggling is definitely a good idea.”

Albania has many lovely bazaar markets. The most popular markets to visit for tourists are:
-Bazaar market in Kruja
-Bazaar market in Gjirokastra
-Pazari i Ri market in Tirana

At these traditional bazaar markets, you can buy local handicrafts and souvenirs. For instance, you can buy traditional Albanian clothes, local honey, homemade wines, wooden handicraft products or traditional rugs.

If you visit one of these street markets, you should absolutely bargain for a lower price. Because you are actually expected to bring the price down a little bit.

For a taxi ride, it is best to agree on the price before your depart. Like anywhere in the world, a taxi driver may try to overcharge you for the trip. If you are taking a taxi from the airport, you can check the official price list on the website of TIA taxi before you travel.

For other popular taxi rides, you can find the correct pricing online. On forums, like TripAdvisor, people give you a clear price indication. So that you know what a reasonable price is for the distance you travel.

In mini-markets or clothes shops, you are not expected to bargain. The prices for many of the little markets are incredibly low, compared to European prices. You will be astonished how many groceries you can buy for only 1-2 euros.

Do you tip in Albania?

You tip in restaurants, bars and cafes in Albania. A normal tip is usually about 10% of the price. In coffee houses, you can simply leave 100 Albanian Lek for the waiter.

The salaries in Albania are low compared to European standards. Many employees make around 300 euros a month in Albania. So it is best to leave a small tip for the waiters and servers you meet on your trip. A small tip makes a large difference for them, because the wages are low in Albania.

How much money can you take into Albania?

You can take the value of 1.000.000 Albanian Lek into Albania. If you take more than the value of 1.000.000 Albanian lek into Albania, you should declare it at customs.

Here is an indication of the amount of money you can take to Albania:

1.000.000 LEK = 8200 Euros
1.000.000 LEK = 7300 British pounds
1.000.000 LEK = 9050 US dollars

You are allowed to take the equivalent of 1.000.000 Albanian Lek into Albania. This amount is the total value of cash in any currency you carry into the country. It includes any precious metals, gems, valuable items and antiquaries.

If you exceed the value of 1.000.000 Albanian Lek, you should declare this at customs. You will be asked for the reason of carrying more than 1.000.000 Albanian Lek into Albania. And you should prepare the correct forms and documents for the border control. More information on the Albanian Government website.

What is the best time to visit Albania, if you are travelling on a budget?

The best time to visit Albania between April and October, because the weather is sunny and warm. Albania is very affordable year-round. However, if you are travelling on a budget, try to visit just before the high-season or just after the high season.

The high-season in Albania is in July and August. Therefore, the prices for hotels are a bit higher in these months.

The months April, May, June and September are just outside the high-season, but the weather is still lovely. These months are the best period to visit Albania, because you can travel on a budget, enjoy the sunshine and avoid the any crowds.

High season: July and August
Average temperature: 29 ° C
Saranda and the Albanian Riviera: 33 ° C

The high-season in Albania is in July and August. This is the period, where the temperatures are the highest. The average temperature is 29 degrees in July and August. But in the Albanian Riviera in the south of Albania, the temperature is even higher at 33 degrees.

In these months, it is best to rent a car and visit one of the hidden beaches. So that you can avoid any other tourists and enjoy true privacy. Try visiting Gjipe beach, Mirror beach or Aquarium Bay for instance.

Pre-summer season: April, May, June
Average temperature: 17 ° C in April, 23 ° C in May, 27 ° C in June
Saranda and the Albanian Riviera: 22 ° C in April, 24 ° C in May and 29 ° C in June

The months April, May and June are just before the high season. In this period, the weather is getting warmer. But it is still quiet and there are not many tourists yet. The average temperature is 17 degrees in April, 23 degrees in May and 27 degrees in June. Travel to Saranda in the South of Albania, for the warmest weather. In June, it is 29 degrees in Saranda, for instance.

April, May and June are the best period to visit the famous place, like Butrint and Ksamil beach. Because the real tourism season has not started yet. And a paradise beach is best explored in privacy!

Post-summer season: September and October
Average temperature: 26 ° C in September and 21° C in October
Saranda and the Albanian Riviera: 27 ° C in September and 22 ° C in October

If you visit in September or October, you are able to avoid any crowds and travel on a budget. Especially, in September the temperatures are still really lovely. The average temperature is around 26 degrees. And the seawater in Saranda is still warm, at a pleasant 26 degrees.

How much does Airbnb cost in Albania?

An Airbnb costs on average 27 pounds (or 32 euros) per night in Albania. The company Vouchercloud researched the average Airbnb price per night for European countries.

The cheapest countries to book an Airbnb night are Macedonia (£26 per night), Albania (£27 per night), Moldova and Kosovo (£28 per night).

Spending 27 pounds (or 32 euros) per night on an Airbnb in Albania is very realistic. Because different sources reveal the same information. The website Budget your trip calculated an average accommodation cost of €32.00 for a double occupancy room. And the Lonely Planet states that a budget hotel room costs between €25 – €40 in Albania.

Tirana in Albania is one of the fastest growing travel destinations according to Airbnb

In 2019, Airbnb revealed that many UK travelers are searching for cheaper city breaks. The popular booking website of Airbnb revealed a top 10 of the cities in Europe where booking numbers are growing the fastest.
According to Airbnb, Tirana in Albania is number two on that list. The number of travel reservations in Tirana have been growing extremely fast between 2018 – 2019. Because UK travelers have discovered that Tirana is a very affordable city break destination.

Tips to travel on a budget in Albania

Travelling in Albania is very affordable, but like in any country, there are some ways you can save money while travelling.

Tip 1: Bring some foreign cash and exchange it in Albania
Currency exchange is very cheap in Albania. If you want to exchange foreign currencies, like euros, pounds or us dollars in Albania, it is very affordable. The margin for currency exchange is less than 1%.

To get the best currency exchange rates, you must go to a currency exchange agency. The rates are displayed an include a 1% margin. There are no currency exchange commissions or fees in Albania, so do not accept paying those.

Avoid banks when exchanging currency. Because it is much more expensive to exchange at a bank. Banks can charge you around 7-8% for a margin, instead of the normal 1%.

Tip 2: Remember the hidden costs of paying by card in Albania
Paying by card in Albania is expensive. If you pay by card or withdraw money from an ATM machine in Albania, you may be charged hidden fees.

Because Albania is not a part of the European Union, there are no transparency rules and regulations. Within the EU banks are forced to disclose their fees and exchange rates on the ATM machine.

However, in Albania banks make their own fees and exchange rates. And the ATM machine or card machine, does not always disclose the rates before the transaction. Therefore, you may be charged 4 – 5 euros for a 100 euro withdrawal at the ATM machine.

Therefore, it is recommendable to bring some cash money with you to Albania and exchange it. Moreover, if you withdraw cash from the ATM, check your internet banking afterwards. If it is expensive, use a different ATM next time.

Tip 3: Plan your transportation, because transportation can be expensive in Albania
Travelling by rental car, by private transfer or by taxi can be expensive in Albania. And there are no trains in Albania. Only travel by furgon minibus is affordable.

Let’s say you are travelling from Tirana airport to the city center of Tirana. You can choose from the following options:

Bus from airport to Tirana = 250 LEK (€2)
Taxi from airport to Tirana = costs 2500 LEK (€20)
Rental car at airport = €20-€50 a day

As you can see travelling by bus is very affordable. However, travelling by rental car or taxi is rather expensive. Since there is no train connection available, these are your only options.

If you want to travel cheaply in Albania, then the Furgon minibus is the best option. The furgon buses are privately owned. Basically, the driver of the bus owns the bus. Furgons stop at the local bus stations.

You do have to be patient, if you choose to travel by furgon. The buses have a schedule, but they often wait to depart until the bus is full. Moreover, they make many stops along the way at mini-markets and coffee houses. The bus driver may play local music in the background or call his friends while driving.

How to book a cheap flight to Albania?

In many cases, the flight to Albania might be your biggest travel expense.

Albania has only one international airport, which is Tirana International Airport. This airport is still relatively small and the number of airlines that fly to Tirana airport is limited.

You can book a direct flight to Albania with these airlines:

If you cannot find an affordable direct flight from your country to Albania, you can choose to fly to Corfu island instead.

Corfu island is a small Greek island, in front of the Albanian coastline. From Corfu, you can take a ferry boat to the Albanian coast. The ferry boat trip takes between 30 – 70 minutes, depending on the boat you book. And the ferry boat trip is quite affordable between €18.00 – €23.80 for one adult for a one way ticket.

The advantage is that there are many European airlines, that offer a budget flight to Corfu island. So it is likely, that it is cheaper for you to fly to Corfu airport, than flying to Tirana airport.

The airlines that offer flight Corfu are: Aegean Airlines, Aer Lingus, Alitalia, Armenia, ASL Airlines France, Astra Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Aviolet, Blue Air, Blue Panorama Airlines, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Condor, Easy Jet, Edelweiss Air, Ellianir, Enter Air, Eurowings, Finnair, First Choice, Jet Time,, Lufthansa, Mistral Air, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Olympic Air, Ryanair, Sky Express, Small Planet airlines, Smart Wings, Sun D’or, Swiss International Air Lines, Transavia, Travel Services Hungary, Travel Services Slovakia, Tui, Tui fly Belgium, Tui fly Deutschland, Tui fly Nordic, Tui Ireland, Volotea, Vueling and Wizz Air.

Related Questions

What is the best currency to use in Albania? The best currency to use in Albania is the Albanian Lek. Because you will get a better price for items, if you pay in Albanian lek. However, Euros are widely accepted in travel agencies, hotels and taxis.

Is Albania dangerous for tourists? Albania is not dangerous for tourists. According to the UK government, the public security in Albania is generally good. If there is crime in Albania, it is not targeted at foreign travelers. It is still smart to book a comprehensive travel insurance, including medical coverage.

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